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Link Settings (Show)
  • Change how links on the main page react when clicked.
  • Make links open a page by either 1) according to browser default, 2) opening new window, or 3) change current window/tab.
  • Link settings are saved automatically when checked.
Link opens a new window or a new tab (based on browser settings).
Link opens a new window.
Link changes current window/tab.

Section Settings (Show)
  • Drag and drop each topic below to a new position in the list. You will immediately see the change to the order of the sections in the main page.
  • Remove or restore sections on the main page by toggling the corresponding checkboxes on or off.
  • Reset the order of the sections in the main page back to the original default by pressing the "Reset" button (this may take a minute).
  • Section settings are saved automatically when item is dragged, checked or button is reset.
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